Decentralized Workforce

JumpTask is a decentralized work platform built to efficiently match work demand with a worldwide workforce 

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What is JumpTask?

JumpTask connects companies and organizations with a globally dispersed workforce making the most out of their collective skills. It allows gig workers to discover and explore the crypto world, as all the payments on the platform are made in its own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT).

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JumpTask's partners will have to define certain parameters of the task they need completed, including but not limited to the type of task, rules of completion validation, duration of the campaign, and reward size in JMPT. 

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JumpTask will act as an interim platform to onboard existing businesses and to create task protocols that use JumpToken. All the active task modules that prove to work successfully will be used to create templates for future smart contracts.

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JumpTask will offer its users a chance to earn money by completing simple microtasks that will not require specific knowledge, experience, or serious time investment. 

Task types

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Paid surveys are a popular way for marketing companies to collect the opinions of people from specific segments of the society and tailor their campaigns to achieve the best results. 

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Crowdsourcing the work of JumpTask’s users will speed up and simplify translation processes (including localization of websites and apps) making them more cost-effective and accessible for small businesses.

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Application testing

By turning regular users into beta testers, companies can view their creations through their eyes and understand which functionalities seem unclear or unnecessary, and which should be added to smooth the user experience.

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Ad watching

To collect a defined fee, the user does not have to do anything aside from paying a little attention to what's presented to them on their mobile device’s screen.

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Image interpretation

For example, by taking a selection of images and marking the ones that have zebra crossings in them, users can help train self-driving cars to understand their surroundings better, and solving captchas can help immensely with text recognition.

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Manual web testing

The best way to identify the issues a real user can encounter is by using a fresh set of eyes, i.e. allowing actual web users to test your website. Third-party reviews show how user-friendly and easy to navigate a site actually is

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Move to Decentralization

Direct Business
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Finding and onboarding partners, mediating, and ensuring a smooth entry for both partners and users.

Phase 1
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Giving companies more control over their task supply while providing users with a marketplace-like gig selection.

Phase 2
Decentralized Protocol
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Using BSC smart contract templates to decentralize and revolutionize the gig economy on a global scale.

Phase 3



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