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Earn money for playing games or solving puzzles – all in one app fueled by JumpToken. 5 minutes and you're a part of the $500B gig-economy.


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Initially launched on January 13, 2022, JumpTask attracted dozens of thousands of users in its first weeks. The user base is quickly expanding in terms of not just individuals but also countries and regions, which enables it to represent the real global workforce.


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What is JumpTask?

JumpTask connects companies and organizations with a globally dispersed workforce making the most out of their collective skills. It allows gig workers to discover and explore the crypto world, as all the payments on the platform are made in its own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT).

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JumpTask's partners will have to define certain parameters of the task they need completed, including but not limited to the type of task, rules of completion validation, duration of the campaign, and reward size in JMPT. 

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JumpTask will offer its users a chance to earn money by completing simple microtasks that will not require specific knowledge, experience, or serious time investment. 

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JumpTask will act as an interim platform to onboard existing businesses and to create task protocols that use JumpToken. All the active task modules that prove to work successfully will be used to create templates for future smart contracts.

Task types

There are over a dozen task modules planned in total, and the six defined below are the ones to launch before the end of the year. Creating integrated task modules will spur more users to start earning with JumpTask and encourage more partners to join the ever-growing JumpTask ecosystem. Each task type will use JMPT as the medium of exchange.

Move to Decentralization*

*All of the planned modules will start in Phase 1 (Direct Business) and finish in Phase 3 (Decentralized Protocol).

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Phase 1

Direct Business

Finding and onboarding partners, mediating, and ensuring a smooth entry for both partners and users.

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Phase 2


Giving companies more control over their task supply while providing users with a marketplace-like gig selection.

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Phase 3

Decentralized Protocol

Using BSC smart contract templates to decentralize and revolutionize the gig economy on a global scale.





  • JumpTask Platform

  • JumpToken Release

  • Initial Module

  • 100K Users

  • DEX offering

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