Get Rewards for Staking $JMPT*

Stake JumpToken, which connects the $500B gig-economy and companies globally. 
Make your $JMPT work for you and earn passive income today.

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69,759 JMPT

Total Staked


Staking APR

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Easy entry

JumpTask staking is available to everyone. Start staking from only 10 JMPT.

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No lock-up period

Flexible entry & exit when staking JMPT. Withdraw your tokens any time - hassle- free. 

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Flexible rewards

Get rewards in 10 minutes - passively. Fluid Staking has an APR which changes every 10 minutes.

How to stake

What is Fluid Staking? 

With Fluid Staking, investors maximize returns by transferring JMPT tokens to a staked pool that generates rewards. ‘Fluid’ represents the flexibility each investor gets: low-barrier access, no penalties for exit, quick reward distribution, and more. Check our Whitepaper for more details.

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Ready for $JMPT Rewards?

Staking enables you to put your JMPT tokens to work effortlessly. An intuitive staking dashboard will guide you every step of the way to earn rewards in no time. Unlock the full potential of your JMPT below.