JumpToken (JMPT) aims to decentralize the gig economy by targeting current and potential gig workers around the world, all while making the crypto market more approachable and easily accessible to all.


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JMPT Role in JumpTask

JumpTask’s partners offer the platform’s users an opportunity to earn JMPT by completing various microtasks they offer. Users make money, and partners get short and simple tasks completed by the global workforce.

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Being the primary token that fuels the platform, JMPT has an exclusive strength of an inbuilt demand. Every partner of the JumpTask platform will have to obtain funds in JMPT to be able to offer the users their tasks and compensate them for timely completion.

Weekly achievements


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JMPT Allocation

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Research & Development

To finance the project's development 

Product and Partnerships

To incentivize new partners to join the JumpTask ecosystem


To ensure the team's motivation to develop the project

Marketing costs

To cover the costs of spreading brand awareness

JMPT distribution

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No burning or mining

JumpTask's business philosophy is to create value via a sustainable business model and token utilization and not means of artificial appreciation.

No external funding

JumpTask launched with no external funding and will continue to operate in this manner. No tokens will be released into circulation aside from what is needed for further project development.

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